Daihatsu 14M VLC(大発)
Daihatsu 14M
General information
Place of origin Japan
Category Landing Craft
Debut in FHSW Debut in FH mod
Used by Japan
Crew in‑game 6
Special abilities ↑ Close ramp
↓ Open ramp
Seat 1
Primary weapon Driver
Seat 2
Primary weapon 7,7-mm Type 99
135 x 20 round
Daihatsu 14M VLC

The Imperial Japanese Army designed the Daihatsu landing craft an already in 1930. In the mid-'20s it was clear for the Japanese strategists that for their expansion plans in the Pacific they needed a vehicle, enabling him to quickly move troops and material to and unprepared landing sites. It resulted in several types of assault boats, one of which and the most produced and most successful boot was the Daihatsu.

The Daihatsu landing craft was used by the Japanese, along with the pure troop landing craft Shohatsu in the Pacific theater during the entire World War II very effectively for the transport of troops and munitions or other goods. It had a cargo capacity of 12 tons and could accommodate up to 70 soldiers - almost twice as many as its American counterpart, the Higgins boat.

The system used in FHSW represents a Daihatsu 14M landing craft quite close to the real one. It's on all maps in the game correctly.

In the game, the Daihatsu-boat is the only way to get quickly from the major surface ships to the beach. Ideal way is to embark entire squad, then they can make a coordinated attack on an outpost. With the machine gun boat is limited to defend against aircraft or troops ashore. If you want to use it again later, you should park a bit away from the shore. But then you have to swim a distance through the water, while you are completely defenseless - under fire, it is therefore advisable to sacrifice the boat, it is far to sit on the beach and immediately take cover.

Compared with the American landing craft in the game, the driver in the Daihatsu 14M is better protected.

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