Churchill Mk.V CS
Churchill Mk.V CS
General Historical Information
Place of origin Great Britain
Category Assault Gun
Speed 25 km/h
Armour Churchill armour
Main armament 95mm Ordnance QF howitzer
Coaxial weapon 1x 7.92 mm Besa Mk.I or

1x 7.92 mm Besa Mk.III

General Ingame Information
Used by Great Britain
Crew in‑game 3
Ammunition ↑ HE
Seat 2 Smoke launcher
Seat 3 1x 7.92 mm Besa Mk.I or

1x 7.92 mm Besa Mk.III

Seat 4 Passenger Seat
Seat 5 Passenger Seat
Historical Picture

Build in small numbers, the Churchill Mk. V CS or Close Support was an British assault gun built on the Churchill Mk.V chassis. It was produced in 1943 as successor off the Churchill Mk.II CS, sometimes called the Churchill II. The gun, an 95mm Ordnance QF howitzer, was built insid ethe turret and replace the maingun. It can fire 7 rpm with and it can reach a distance of 7.300 metres. It was already used on many other tanks included the Matilda III (Matilda III CS) and the Cromwell (Cromwell Mk VI CS) tanks. Like all the toher Churchill variants, exclusive the Black Prince, you can have it as both standard armored and extra armored version. The extra armored version rise up the armour to 110mm in the side.

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