Churchill ARV
Churchill ARV
General Historical Information
Place of origin Great Britain
Category Armoured engineering vehicles
Debut in FHSW v0.5
Speed 25 km/h
Coaxial weapon 7.92 mm Besa mg
General Ingame Information
Used by Great Britain
Crew in‑game 1
Seat 2 Passenger Seat (inside)
Seat 3 Passenger Seat (inside)
Seat 4 Passenger Seat (inside)
Seat 5 Passenger Seat (inside)
Seat 6 Passenger Seat (outside)
Historical Picture
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

Although looking very similar to the Churchill Kangaroo, the Churchill ARV has a completely different task. It’s a recovery tank and has therefore the same ability as the already available Bergetiger. That means you can repair friendly vehicles if you’re close to them. Because of the good protection and low silhouette it’s possible to repair or supply them even during battles and tip the balance in your favor! Also you can use it like the Churchill Kangaroo as armoured personnel carrier.

To recornize the vehicle. The Churchill ARV and Kangaroo are the same models. Only the Churchill ARV is equiped with tools and cables and the Kangaroo not.

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