Battle of Off Malay
Battle of Off Malay
General information
Status Active
Date 10 December 1941
Theatre South-East Asia
Malayan Campaign
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs Great Britain Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Game Type Objective
Style Aerial & naval and a bit of land battle
Battle of off Malay minimap
Battle of Off Malay08:15

Battle of Off Malay

Three days after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese demonstrated to the Royal Navy exactly what happens to surface craft who stick their necks out without friendly air cover. Britain's Force Z, centered on the battleship Prince of Wales and the battlecruiser Repulse, attempted to intercept the Japanese amphibious forces off of Malaya. They were located by planes of several IJN air groups off the eastern coast of the peninsula, and subjected to multiple attacks, the third of which left both capital ships sinking. With their demise, the road to Singapore lay open.

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