Battle of Luzon
Battle of Luzon
General information
Status Active
Date 1945
Theatre Pacific
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs USA Flag of the United States.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Infantry + a bit of armour
Flags Factory
Japanese Bunkers
Landing Beach
Battle of Luzon minimap
Raid on Japan Battlefield 1942 FHSW Mod Multiplayer14:57

Raid on Japan Battlefield 1942 FHSW Mod Multiplayer

Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, was seen as being of great strategic importance to the United States. Despite General MacArthur’s belief in value of the island, American troops would have to wait until 1945 to launch an attack on Luzon, which was taken by the Japanese in 1942. When the Americans did make it back to Luzon, the fighting — complicated by the Japanese use of the famous kamikaze pilots — was frenzied and fierce, with incredibly high numbers of casualties, particularly for the Japanese. By the 11th of February American troops had captured Manila; however Japanese resistance — from scattered forces making sorties from the mountainous areas of the island — continued for some considerable time afterwards.

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