Battle of Edson's Ridge
Battle of Edsons Ridge
General information
Status Active
Date September 12, 1942
Theatre Pacific
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs USA Flag of the United States.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Infantry vs Infantry
Flags Allied Base
Allied Flag
Allied Flag 2
Battle of Edson's Ridge Gameplay07:36

Battle of Edson's Ridge Gameplay

7th August 1942, the Americans landed on Guadacanal. After the battle, they start with the built of an airfield wich will be named as "Henderson Field". The Japanese, under command of Major General Kiyotake Kawaguchi, went to the airfield and try to recapture that land back! Under comand of U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Merritt A. Edson, troops from several units will defend the airfield on the Lunga. Know as Edson's Ridge, the Americans can only defeat the Japanese with infantry weapons and small arty. Without any resupply, the Americans will have it hard when the Japanese attack the ridge via two flanks, using the darkness and courage for win this battle! This map is an infantry vs infantry night map. No vehicles are available and only three American fieldguns defend the south flank!

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