Battle at River Don
Battle at River Don
General information
Date January 1943
Theatre Eastern Front
Belligerents Flag of Hungary 1940.svg Hungary vs Soviet Union Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Game Type Conquest (Push Map)
Style Tanks/artillery
Flags 1st Defence Position
2nd Defence Position
3rd Base
Bridge Defence
Battle at River Don minimap

By mid September 1942 the 2nd Hungarian Army had settled into defensive positions along the Don River, allowing the German Sixth army to continue to attack Soviet General Vasily Chuikov's 62nd Army defending Stalingrad. Unfortunately a general lack defensive supplies like mines and barbed wire and a shortage of labour meant only the defensive areas immediately around the bridgeheads could be adequately fortified. The Don River itself was not the formidable obstacle it would seem, being shallow and easily wadeable in many places.

On January 3, 1943 the Soviets launched several probing attacks against the 2nd Hungarian and 8th Italian Armies, these attacks were successfully fended off. But on January 13, 1943, Russian forces, overwhelming in numbers and equipment, began the Voronezh-Kharkov Strategic Offensive Operation with the Bryansk, Voronezh, and Southwestern fronts simultaneously. The Soviet Red Army was totally successful this time: during this offensive the Russians rapidly destroyed the Hungarian Second Army near Svoboda on the Don River.

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