General Historical Information
Place of origin USSR
Category Self Propelled Rocket Launcher
Speed 45 km/h
Main armament 24x 82mm M-8 missiles
General Ingame Information
Used by USSR
Crew in‑game 2
Seat 2 Rocket Launcher
Historical Picture
BM-8-24 real

The BM-8-24 is a self-propelled rocket launcher. These vehicles were mass produced at the Moscow plant "Compressor" by dismantling the tower and installing rails for 24 82-mm M-8 unguided rockets on the chassis of the light T-40 and T-60 light tanks (same rockets can also be found on the I-153). The model in FHSW is based on a lengthened and widened version of the T-70 tank chassis (used by the SU-76 model ingame). Produced vehicles participated in the battles of 1942-43 and received good reviews from the troops because of the better security and crossover compared to the "Katyusha", which was on the base of a truck. After the production of the T-60 was discontinued, the production of the BM-8-24 was also suspended, but its modified artillery part used in the BM-8-48 multiple rocket launcher was also used on the chassis of the Soviet GAZ-AA and imported "Studebaker" and "Ford Marmon" trucks.

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