Avro Lancaster
General Historical Information
Place of origin Great Britain
Designer Roy Chadwick
Manufacturer Avro
Produced In 1942—1946
Speed 462 km/h
Category Heavy Bomber
General Ingame Information
Debut Debut in FH
Used by Great Britain
Crew in‑game 4
Bombs 14x 500 kg bombs
24x 3.6kg Cluster Bombs + 6x 500 kg bomb
Seat 2 2x .303 Browning machine guns
1250 rounds
Seat 3 2x .303 Browning machine guns
6000 rounds
Seat 4 4x .303 Browning machine guns
3600 rounds
Historical Picture
Lancaster real
AVRO Lancaster Production06:54

AVRO Lancaster Production

AVRO Lancaster, BBMF, Nice Departure at Eindhoven09:55

AVRO Lancaster, BBMF, Nice Departure at Eindhoven

Initially designated Avro Type 683 Manchester III, the four-engine heavy bomber Avro Lancaster, a direct development of the unsuccessful twin-engine Avro Manchester. This British bomber is one of the most famous and iconic bomber aircraft of the Second World War. Dropping over 600,000 tonnes of bombs in over 156,000 sorties, the Lancaster was responsible for two-thirds of the bombs dropped by Bomber Command over Germany and German-occupied territory between March 1942 and May 1945. It was able to carry the great 10 tonnes "Ten-Ton Tessie", also known as the "Grand Slam", the heaviest bomb-load lifted by any bomber of World War II. The Lancaster is famously associated with Operation 'Chastise', popularly known as the 'Dambusters' raid, which took place on 16-17 May 1943, when modified Lancasters from 617 Squadron attacked three dams in the Ruhr Valley using 'Bouncing Bombs'. Other notable operations in which the Lancaster participated include the sinking of the German battleship Tirpitz in November 1944, and Operation 'Manna' in May 1945, when emergency supplies of food were dropped by parachute to the starving Dutch people.

In FHSW, the Avro Lancaster is rarely seen. You can only find the Lancaster on the map Bombing The Reich.

Did You Know That?

One single Lancaster Bomber is enough to destroy the Tirpitz, only when all fourteen 500 kg bombs hit the target!

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