On this article, we will explain the protection for tanks and other armored cars. Those are protection add by factory or by the crew on fields. Each great unit (Germany, Japan, USA, Great Britain and either also the Soviet Union) add those prtection after experience on the battlefield against both tanks as wel against infantry.

Schürzen or Spaced armourEdit

BF1942 2013-11-30 12-52-47-55

T-34/85 with the protection mess

Schürzen is the German name for Spaced armour. These are armored plates for vehicles, mostly tanks, creating a space between the skirts and the body of the vehicle. These plates protect not the vehicles anti-tank shells fired by other tanks, but against anti-tank rockets fired by anti-tank launching weapons such as the bazooka and against sticky and magnetic anti-tank grenades. In fact, contrary to all shaped charges. There was a disadvantage, they were so weak that they could be fired off the tank by other anti-tank guns. Especially the Germans as well as the Hungarians and Russians make use of these plates. The Germans and Hungarians use plates, meanwhile thje Russians make use of mesh. Later the war, some Germans also equiped with protection mesh. Example is the Panzer IV Ausf. J, wich use both plates as wel as the protection mesh.

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