Arctic convoy
Arctic Convoy loading
General information
Date 1942
Theatre Atlantic
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs the UK Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Search and Destroy
Arctic convoy minimap


Background: The United States began supplying lend-lease material to the United Kingdom and the USSR in 1941. Beacause of the Axis presence controlling access to the Baltic and Black Seas, there were only 3 ways to get war material to the USSR - by land through Iran, by sea to Vladivostok and then over 4,000 miles of rail through Siberia, or by convoy through the Arctic Ocean around Norway to the northern ports of Archangelesk and Murmansk. The northern route was fraught with danger from the rough seas and icebergs, not to mention German surface raiders, U-boats and land based bombers. The most infamous Arctic convoy was PQ-17, which scattered due to a false report that the German battleship Tirpitz was headed towards the convoy. German U-boats and aircraft then picked off the transports one by one, sinking 24 out of 35 ships. These losses, coupled with losses on other convoys forced the Allies to wait until the arrival of winter to send out more convoys.

This map takes place during "Polar Night", the time of year in the Arctic during which there is 24-hour darkness. The Northern Lights are in the sky, and uncharted icebergs dot the ocean. The Allied convoy is protected by 2 destroyers and 2 escort carriers. The Germans have a force of submarines and torpedo boats, as well as land based aircraft. The map is a conquest map with 3 control points in the ocean. The Allied Liberty Ships do not respawn when sunk. If you end up sunk, lifeboats are available. You'll need them - the water kills in minutes.


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