Aichi E16A "Zuiun"
Aichi E16A1
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Speed 440 km/h
Category Reconnaissance seaplane
General Ingame Information
Debut v0.55
Used by Japan
Guns 2 x 20 mm Type 99
Bombs 1 x 250 kg
Special abilities Catapult launch
Seat 2 1 x 13 mm Type 2
Historical Picture
Aichi E16A1r

The Aichi E16A1 (Allied reporting name "Paul") was a Japanese reconnaissance seaplane and was thought to be a replacement for the old E13A. It had the unusual feature of being equipped with dive brakes, located in the front legs of the float struts, which allowed it to also operate as a dive bomber. Production started in 1944 which was far too late for its intended use on ships like the Mogami. Instead it was deployed from naval bases and as a kamikaze plane.

The Paul will be the third Japanese seaplane in FHSW, but since it can also carry up to 250 kg bombs it fulfills a different role. A nice visual effect is that the dive brakes actually deploy when nosing the aircraft into a dive. Another interesting gimmick is that the rear gunner can open and close the canopy in front of his machine gun so he won't catch a cold.

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