Aichi D3A
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Manufacturer Aichi Tokei Denki K.K.
Speed 385 km/h
Category Dive Bomber
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Crew in‑game 2
Guns 2 x 7.7mm Type 97 - 1.582 rounds
Bombs 3 x 250 kg
60 cm torpedo
10 rockets
Seat 2 1 x 7.7 mm Type 99 - 6x97 rounds
Historical Picture

The Aichi D3A first flew in 1936 and was developed under the guidance of the covert German aircraft designer Ernst Heinkel. This specially designed for launch from aircraft carriers dive bomber with the distinctive rigid chassis saw it first combat in the Sino-Japanese war, 1940. There was shown extraordinary combat power and maneuverability of the machine: with a hit rate of clearly above 80 percent and excellent ground attack properties even after bomb dropping, the Aichi D3A quickly became the terror of the enemy soldiers.

Americans first encounterd Aichi D3A in December 1941, when swarms of them, equipped with bombs and torpedoes, attacked U.S. Pacific Fleet, stationed at Pearl Harbor, and destroyed many ships. It was called "Val" by the Allies, even the British Navy was afraid of them, as the cruiser HMS Dorsetshire, HMS Cornwall and the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, sunk in the Indian Ocean off Ceylon, lowered only three of a long list of Allied ships destroyed by "Val"s in the 2nd World War.

The turning point in the success story of the Aichi D3A came in 1942 with the carrier battles of Midway and the Solomon Islands. The Japanese lost in the fierce fighting not only a number of aircraft carriers, but with them numerous Aichi D3A and - what was especially a great loss - lots of experienced and well trained pilots. Many "Val" went to the account of the new, fast and heavily armed Allied fighters. Subsequently the hit rate of "Val"s dropped down to ten percent - corresponding it lost in terror and meaning.

The ingame model should correspond to an Aichi D3A1. In fact, the model of this version comes pretty close, emanated mainly the preserve sharp edged cockpit and the engine cover. The D3A2 hasclearly wind slippery. The model is - apart from the bombs - well implemented and it was actually used on Iwo Jima, but rather as a kamikaze bomber, because at that time heyday of the "Val" was over. The textures used are equipped with battle signs, giving the model an overall shabby look and a more realistic impression.

Aichi D3A is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a skilled pilot with a, both in the fight against land targets as well as against ships. With bombs it reaches a devastating effect against tanks, vehicles and troops and with torpedoes, even large warships are beware of it. Your cannon can destroy low-flying soldiers, guns and vehicles. Because of their low speed, but you should beware of the agile enemy fighters. The defense gun in the rear cockpit is in limitide use during dogfight . There is another variant of the "Val" with ten undetermined rockets, which are effective against all targets.

  • Val skin 1
  • Val skin 2
  • Val skin 3

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