75mm 40M
75mm Pak 40 (2)
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Germany
Category: Anti-Tank gun
Used by:


Debut in FHSW: Debut in FH mod
Passengers: 1 or 2
Calibre: 75mm
Ammunition: ↑ AP
↓ HE
Elevation: -5° to +22°
Traverse: 65°
Rate of Fire: 14 rpm
Mobile: Yes
Used by vehicles / ships: Marder II
Position 1: Driver or gunner
Position 2:


Historical Picture

The 75mm Pak 40 was posible the most used anti-tank gun of World War Two. The PanzerabwehrKanone 40 (PaK 40) was designed to replace the older PaK 38. The design of the PaK 40 started in 1939, but it didn't receive a high priority until the invasion of the Soviet Union. Only then did it become apparent that guns with a higher caliber were urgently required to fight off the heavier Soviet tanks like the T-34 and KV-1. In November of 1941 the first of the new 75mm PaK 40s were sent off to the Eastern front and by 1943 they formed the majority of Germany's Anti-tank guns until the end of the war. The PaK 40 was also used in Africa, but it did not see action there until late 1942, during the battles of El Alamein. About 23,500 PaK 40s were produced during the war, but the design of the gun was also used in many tanks, such as the Marder II. Finland produced there own Pak 40's wich becomes the 75mm 40M.

The Pak 40 share his carriage, in FHSW, for the attachment of a 7.5 cm KwK 42 gun. This becomes eventually the 7.5 cm Pak 42 anti-tank gun.

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