37 mm wz. 36 AT gun
37mm wz 36
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Poland
Category: Anti-Tank gun
Used by:


Debut in FHSW: Debut in FH mod
Passengers: 1 or 2
Calibre: 37mm
Ammunition: AP
Elevation: -10° to 25°
Traverse: 50°
Rate of Fire: 12 rpm
Mobile: Yes/Transported by C7P
Used by vehicles / ships: 7TPjw
Position 1: Driver or gunner
Position 2:


Historical Picture
37 mm wz. 36 AT gun

It was a licence copy of the 37mm Swedish Bofors seni-automatic gun, which could destroy any armoured vehicle in 1939 from a distance below 1km, and its performance made it one of the best 37mm AT guns of that time. Polish version was manufactured in Poland by SMPzA in Pruszków (Stowarzyszenie Mechaników Polskich z Ameryki). The gun wz. 37 was a tank variant of a towed anti-tank gun wz. 36, a standard Polish anti-tank weapon. With 300 guns bought in Sweden, the Polish Army had 1200 anti-tank guns wz. 36 (a number of Polish-made guns was also exported to Romania, Spain and Great Britain).

The first series of 50 tank guns wz. 37 was ordered in March 1937, the second of 61 guns in April 1938. Before the war there were made 111 of them. They were mounted in Bofors-designed turrets in 108 single-turret tanks 7TP, and in tank prototypes 9TP and 10TP. It is not known, if any guns of the 3rd batch, ordered in April 1939, were completed.

Also original AT-guns wz.36 found some use in armoured weapons. Slightly modified guns were mounted in 2 prototype light tank destroyers TKS-D. According to initial project, they could be mounted either in a vehicle, or on an original wheeled carriage, which was towed by the vehicle (the second way was dropped as impractical, and TKS-D towed an ammunition trailer instead). They were also to be an armament of a projected tank destroyer PZInz.160.

Several dozens of Polish guns fell into Soviet hands . Late in 1941 these pieces were issued to Red Army units to make up for the lack of anti-tank guns.

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