2 cm Flak 30
Ingame referred as Flak 38.
2 cm Flak 30
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Germany
Category: Anti-aircraft Gun
Used by:


Debut in FHSW: Debut in Battlefield 1942
Passengers: 1
Calibre: 20 mm
Ammunition: 20 x 138 mm B
Elevation: -12° to +90°
Traverse: 360°
Rate of Fire: 450 rpm
Position 1: Gunner
Historical Picture
2 cm Flak 30 (germany)

Designed by Rheinmetall, the 2.0cm Flak 30 initially entered production for the Kriegsmarine in 1934 and was not accepted for service by the Luftwaffe until 1935. The Flak 30 design was that of an oversized machine gun that operated with an open bolt - it was in fact a direct descendant of the MG-30.

FlaK 30 had seen service in the Spanish Civil War. The 20mm Flak 30 fired a 120-g (4.23 oz) 20-mm HE projectile with a contact detonating fuse. A pyrotechnic relay detonated the projectile after a set time as a safety measure, limiting the effective ceiling to 2,200 m (7,200 ft).

Designed to provide immediate antiaircraft fire against low-flying attack aircraft, its utility as a heavy infantry support weapon was enhanced by 20mm AP ammunition. The FlaK 30 was the most widely used 20mm anti-aircraft weapon in the world by 1940. This accurate weapon saw service throughout the entire war on all fronts where Germany fought.

The 20mm Flak 30 remained in use throughout World War II, even though more modern equipment was subsequently adopted. Later, the 2 cm Flak 38 was designed as a faster Flak.

Ingame the Flak 30 is referred as Flak 38. But above the ammo, it referred as the Flak 30. The speed of this Flak is indeed slower then the 2 cm Flak 38.

2 cm Flak 30 MobileEdit

2 cm Flak 30 Mobile
Flak 30 Mobile
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Category Mobile Anti-Air Gun
Speed 0-5 km/h
Main armament 2c Flak 30
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Crew in‑game 1
Ammunition 20 × 138 mm. B
Historical Picture
2 cm Flak 30 Mobile (germany)

You remember the mobile Flak in Ramelle in the movie Saving private Ryan? In Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon, we have a mobile Flak 30. The Flak 30 and Flak were transported on the so called Sonderanhänger 52 trailer, or shorter know as the Sd.Ah. 52, wich it was easy to transport. The mobile Flak 30 stay on the Sd. Ah. 52 trailer when usage. 

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