20P7 MG 34 bunker
Panzerturm mit 6 Scharten (MG), 20P7
Sechsschartenturm 20P7
20 P7 6-Schartenturm
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Germany
Category: Machinegun turret
Used by:


Passengers: 2
Main Weaponry: 2x 7.62mm MG34 machinegun
Traverse: 360°
Specially designed bunker: Yes
Position 1: Machinegunner
Position 2:


Historical Picture
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

The six-turret 20P7 bunker was made from chrome molybdenum steel, had a thickness of around 30 cm and a weight of around 51 tonnes. It was designed to be used against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Tower armament consisted of 2x MG34. 3 side-mounted angle telescopes and panoramic sight,which was located in the middle of the tower, were used for observation and target assignment. And MG-lafettes had also telescope for target shooting.

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