15cm Torpedobootskanone C/36
15cm Tbts.K.C/36
BF1942 2012-04-14 20-46-38-40
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Germany
Category: Naval gun
Used by:


Passengers: 5
Calibre: 15cm
Ammunition: HEAT
Elevation: Nihil
Traverse: Nihil
Rate of Fire: 8 rpm
Mobile: No
Specially designed bunker: Yes, M 272 bunker
Position 1: Gunner
Historical Picture
15 cm Torpedobootskanone C36

The 15 cm Torpedo-bootskanone C/36 was a German medium-caliber naval gun deployed on Type 1936A (Narvik class) destroyers during the Second World War. It is designed in 1936 as a ship gun, but during World War Two is this gun also used in the coast defend line the Atlantikwall. A nice example are the batteries of Longues sur Mer (Normandy) in France (best know as Gold Beach) and the batterie of Ravensijde in Belgium.

Unfortunately, the gun in FHSW got the designation 15cm Schnelladekanone L/48.

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