107mm Mortar (ingame)
M2 4.2 inch mortar (design)
107mm Mortier
General Historical Information
Place of origin: USA
Category: Heavy Mortar
Used by:

Anzac (and more...)

Passengers: 1
Calibre: 107 mm
Ammunition: HE M3 Shell
Elevation: +45° tot +60°
Traverse: -7° tot +7°
Rate of Fire: 5 rounds/20min
Artillery battery: 3 or 5
Position 1: Gunner
Historical Picture
M2 4.2 inch

After research and compare it with 107 mm mortars, this should be the American M2 4.2 inch mortar. Designed in the War, it was a modified version of the M1. The development begans in 1924 and was based on the British 4 inch Stokes Mortar from World War One. The mortar can shoot only chemical shells to a range of 2,195 meters. But after the USA entry the Second Great War, the U.S. Army decided to develop a high explosive round for the mortar so that it could be used in a fragmentation role against enemy personnel. Eventually, the range of the mortar was extended to 4,023 meters. The M2 mortar was born! The M2 was first used in the Sicilian Campaign, where some 35,000 rounds of ammunition were fired from the new weapon. Subsequently, the mortar proved to be an especially useful weapon in areas of rough terrain such as mountains and jungle, into which artillery pieces could not be moved. The M2 was gradually replaced in U.S. service from 1951 by the M30 mortar.
In FHSW, you will find this mortar in low numbers. The Australian use those mortars in Torbuk at the mainbase and in Tobruk Village. Possible, the Axis units also use this gun. This mortar prove a excellent weapon in long range fire. On Tobruk, on the mainbase, the mortar can shoot without any problem the first defence line! The shells are so powerfull, even the light vehicles and tank (such like the Panzer II) are be damaged or destroyed. We will accept this mortar as a "neatral mortar" because his use by both side's. However, we try to give you an excellent vieuw who use this gun. You have use the gun ingame from an other army which is not shown in the table? Feel free and add it! We will thank you!

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